Show Off Your Crazy

Enjoy your celebration with "Yo Crazy Music"!!

Catering to a fun style of music your way!

"Yo Crazy Music" supports themed celebrations, karaoke, dancing and props!

Great for special occusions like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings!

Celebrate good times on a budget!

The Set-Up

For an optimal "Yo Crazy" Celebration its best to have a power source and a good WiFi connection especially if you like requests and like to listen to all kinds of music.

The "Yo Crazy" equipment can easily fit under a 12' canopy, and on a 6 ft table, usually speakers can be placed anywhere up to 50 ft from table.

For outdoor events, generators and lighting can be provided. The set-up provides good quality, powerful and reliable music for group up to 100 people.

Text: 208-406-2310 Email:

Good to Know Info

For best "Yo Crazy" experience, group participation is key. The themes, props, singing and dancing all enhance the celebration, so the more the participation the better.

"Yo Crazy" provides a fun high energy guy who likes to play music and enjoys people having fun. Sorry, I do not play for kids birthdays.

Event planners need to provide a playlist of music they would to include. "Yo Crazy" mostly plays mainstream music selections that are fun to dance and sing to, including music from all generations and genres. Our job is to get people involved and enjoy the celebration, so we play lots of fun music but the more input from you, the more you can have your celebration your way.

We normally play for about 4-6 hours, but also like being involved with guests.

"Yo Crazy Music" doesn't use written contracts—just give us a date, time, and location, and we will be there. Again, details can be worked out via verbal agreement.

Show off your crazy!!

How to Book

You can contact us at or 208-406-2310 text only!

"Yo Crazy" has done events outside in January, celebrations out in the open farm pasture, inside event halls, weddings, birthdays, tailgating, music festivals at all times of the year.

Availabilty is limited, so plan ahead and get a hold of us to work out the details. I can also send you pics of past events.

We would be happy to give your event a "Yo Crazy Music" Celebration!

"Yo Crazy Music" Owner
Paul Espinoza


How much does the "Yo Crazy" celebration cost? Our services are FREE!! Yes!! that's right, FREE 99!! I do this for friends of friends of friends.

I have done over a dozen celebrations and not one time have I had to charge anyone.

If you have a larger event, I may bring an assistant to help for set-up, props, decorations and things like that. I do ask for a $100 fee for people that are assisting me.

Services are provided for more budget minded events and families who don't want to spend tons of money for music playing. If your event is more formal, it would be best to book with professional entertainment.

Any questions with services and fee will be agreed verbally.

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